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Create engaging sales competition

Increase motivation and sales results with Goalplans challenge and sales competition function.


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Create and distribute sales competitions

Creating challenges in Goalplan adds a fun element of healthy competition between employees or teams that can help spur increases in sales. Gamification is even shown to increase employee engagement and job satisfaction.




Create sales competitions in a matter of minutes. Attach an introduction video, a price, and start the competition. 


Choose teams, stores, regions, or employees to target. Once you press "create", the participants will be notified through push-notification.


Follow the sales competition progress in the palm of your hand in real-time. No more excel spreadsheet work to get insights.

Sales competition creation tool

The creation tool is found on the Goalplan web interface. Simply click "Create sales competition" and follow the simple steps.

  1. Choose target audience
  2. Set start and end dates
  3. Select award
  4. Add the rules
  5. Upload an introduction video
  6. Launch
  7. Enjoy the action

Scroll through your active sales competitions 

In the native apps, you have a sales competition card from where you can access the sales competition overview screen. See all the competitions you are participating in and click for detailed views.

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Sales competition detailed view

Check your sales competition leaderboard position to find out who you are ahead or behind. Click the chat symbol to open the competition-specific chat and let fellow participants know your game.
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"I love how easy it is to run ales competitions with Goalplan. No more excel spreadsheets and email distribution".


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