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Your e-learning platform

A modern, in-built, e-learning feature provides any organisation the ability to educate its remote staff.

Create, monitor and support your employees' learning journey. Wherever they, or you, are. 

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Education in the palm of your hand

With Goalplans E-learning module, managers and trainers can create courses and fill them with content such as video, PDF and text, or write quizzes. Then, distribute them to a target audience or to the whole organization, and following the employees completing the courses. As Goalplan also provides performance data,  You can easily get insight on how training impact outcome. 



Using the e-learning creation tool, you are able to create a course and fill it with any content (video, PDF, links, text etc), and adding quiz at the end.


As soon as you have published the campaign, it is available to all selected teams and departments. Available on any device. 


Analyze and follow up

See all statistics about course completion and drill down the organization. Get insights and take action. Analyze how training impact sales performance.

Easy content creation 

Create and publish e-learning courses with ease.  By clicking "create course", you start the process. Name the course, define target group (team, department or country) and set start- and end-dates. Then fill the course with any content you posses. It could be rich text, links to youtube, PDFs, or video. 

Write a quiz to make sure your employees have understood the messaging and topic. 

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User friendliness in focus 

All Goalplan's features are available on any device. Mobile, tablet and desktop. A modern user interface makes it easy for employees to complete all necessary trainings. Wherever they are.

Goalplan will notify employees when new courses are ready to take and remind them who has not yet completed the courses.


Improve performance with actionable insights

Monitor your employees’ learning using Goalplan's analytics tool. Detect who's performing, and who's not. Make sure that everyone is well informed and fully trained. And support your employees uncovering their full potential.

As Goalplan also provides sales KPIs, you can easily get insight on how training impacts sales performance.

Creating courses is super easy, and Goalplan gives me valuable insights into how our staff progress in taking the courses. The employee interface is also really intuitive and engaging.


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