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Your company communication tool

Communicate through chat, video broadcast, and host all your company information in one tool.


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Your employees will never miss a single piece of information again

While goal setting, performance reviews, and coaching are crucial for improving sales, none of it is possible without clear messaging. That's why all of Your messaging can be facilitated in Goalplan through our native communication tool. Message with chat, send video broadcasts and upload all your company information.


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Communication is key in a modern organization. Chat with your colleagues individually, in predefined rooms, or create custom chat groups.


Goalplan broadcast function enables you to create and distribute videos in seconds. Broadcasts is your internal social media video tool.


Communicate with methods your employees are used to 

The new generation employees are not used to communicate with email. Your company needs to communicate in the way your staff is used to. With the Goalplan chat, you can hat individually, with predefined groups or create custom chat groups.


Video as a communication format has never been more powerful

A short video to kick-start the week, a video announcement of a new colleague, or your Friday pep message. This just your creativity that stands in the way of how you can benefit from the broadcast function

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As powerful as your intranet but as simple to use as any of your apps

In case of fire information, how to close the store routines, manuals of how to use the company CRM. By using start categorizing and uploading, creating, and hosting all your company information in Goalplans information portal, all employees can easily access it from any device at any location, even offline.
Before Goalplan, it was a hassle to make sure the right information reached my employees. With the information in Goalplan, it saves me valuable time and I can now spend that time creating instead of following up.


Do you want to Reach your employees in a much more efficient matter?

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