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Your digital internal campaign tool

Create, upload and distribute your internal company campaigns in this smart app. Make sure all your staff have seen and know the campaigns.


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Make sure everyone is on-track with your latest campaigns

Creating campaigns has never been easier. Create campaigns, upload videos or PDFs or write a quiz, then select the targeted team and click to distribute. In a matter of seconds, You have made everything available to everyone, from any device.



Gather all your important company information and routines into one single mobile tool. Your employee has 24/7 access to the information.


Create and publish all your campaign information. Inform your employees with video, PDF, text, and links. Write a quiz at the end to secure knowledge.



Educate your employees with efficient courses on the go. Follow up learning results by teams and individuals. Make sure you grow your employees.


Campaign creation tool 

By clicking "create campaign", you start the process. Name the campaign, set target group and select start/end-dates. Then fill the campaign with the content you have. It could be rich text, links to youtube, PDFs, or video. 

Add a quiz at the end to make sure your employees have understood the messaging and USPs. And turn on smart notifications, makings sure that all acknowledge the latest campaign.


Campaign information 

It is in the Information Hub that your employees will find past, current and upcoming campaigns. Active and current campaigns are at the top of the listings. All campaigns are targeted, making sure that no one will be overloaded with information.

It has never been easier to find information about campaigns. The Information Hub is available from any device and anywhere, even offline.


Information Hub

So much is going, so much information is needed. How to keep track of everything? And how to share it with the employees? Goalplan 's Information Hub will you help with all that. Leaving mails, phone calls, and print outs behind.

Gather all necessary information, not only campaigns, in one place. Available for all*, on any device. General info, compliance matters, guidelines and manuals accessible at all times. 

* information can of course be targeted for specific teams/organisations.

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Before Goalplan, I had no clue if the campaign information reaches all employees, nor if they understood the content. With the Information hub in Goalplan, I now have all that information without spending a single minute collecting data.


Do you also want your Share information, campaigns, and e-learning with your employees?

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