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Distribute Employee Surveys in a matter of minutes

Goalplan helps you get insights on the organization's wellbeing, daily, weekly or yearly. Check your team's pulse in realtime  - share quick questions and get instant feedback from targeted teams or departments. Or distribute the yearly Employee Satisfaction survey. Everything available in one tool - the Goalplan Employee Survey.



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Any insights, any time from your entire organization

Create Employee Surveys in minutes with our survey creation tool and distribute to your whole organization, based on company roles, or organizational structure. In seconds, the surveys are delivered to your employees and they can participate using the Goalplan-app. Track the results in real-time and analyze the data in our survey insights tool. Share and export the findings if needed.




Using the Survey Creation tool, you are able to create an Employee Survey  or Question-of-the-Day in almost no time. Your organization tree is pre-enabled in the application, making it very easy to select the target group.


Once the Survey or Question is created, it's a push of a button to distribute it to the whole organization or to selected departments or teams. Once distributed, it is available to all target groups on any device; mobile, tablet or desktop. 


Get insights

Follow the action in real time. And use our analytics tool to get an overview of the results, or drill down on details and team levels. 


Survey creation tool 

By clicking "create survey", you start the process. Name the survey, choose target group and define start/end-date.  

Choose the purpose like "question of the day" or "one time" or "recurring". Then fill the survey with the questions you want your organisation's feedback on. The questions could be multiple choice or free text based and supported by pictures and data.

Of course you are able to schedule a survey in advance, so it's automatically sent on a chosen date or by a certain frequency.

The tool can be used by both management and team leaders.

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Share instantly, or schedule it in advance

Once the survey is created it's easy to share the survey with the intended target group. Making the questionnaire available to all on any device. 

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Survey statistics and insights

The Goalplan app enables you to dig into the results of the survey, no matter if it's the "question of the day" or the yearly Employee Satisfaction Questionnaire. Get the overall results, or zoom into details on departments or teams. Compare results or segment the data. Share the findings easily by distributing the reports to colleagues and team members.

Before Goalplan, I had no clue if the campaign information reaches all employees, nor if they understood the content. With the Information hub in Goalplan, I now have all that information without spending a single minute collecting data.


Do you also want your check the pulse of your team?

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