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All your company's ToDo´s in one platform

Delegate tasks to stores, teams, and individuals. Create tasks and distribute to many entities in one single click and create recurring tasks. 

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ToDO´s and Tasks in the palm of your hand

With Goalplans task management product, you can make sure all the important tasks are performed. From switching a single light-bulb in a store to making sure all your hundreds of units are performing their daily ToDo´s. 



Create a single and stand-alone task for a unit, team, or store. Attach images and checklists and see who picks up the task and performed it. Chat with the task creator if needed.


Some tasks need to be performed by all your units. With the distribute function, you can create one task that gets set and distributed to all your units at once. Follow up on task completion. 


Recurrency rules

Sometimes your units have tasks that are the same every day or several times a day. Set a recurrence to your tasks, and they will show up in the agenda view for all your units.

Create tasks in a matter of minutes 

Creating tasks has never been easier. From any device, you can in a matter of minutes, create and delegate tasks and follow-up the task execution from a distance. Attach a PDF or an image to the task, write a description, add a checklist and chat with the team or individual assigned to the task.

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Distribution made easy 

Some tasks are due to be performed at all your units. You don't need to create several hundreds of tasks for each unit. With our distribution function, you create one task and then distribute it to all or parts of your units. They will all receive the task at the same time, and you can lean back and watch the task performance. Use this function to make sure new campaign material is set up, or that weekly inventory is performed correctly. 


Recurring tasks in our agenda view

Many businesses rely that certain important tasks are being performed several times a day or on a daily basis. Set up a recurrence rule that enables these tasks to be created accordingly. In our agenda view, your employees and teams assigned to these tasks can see them in a agenda or calender view making up there daily and weekly ToDo´s

I have entire company visibility on my cell phone. This is an extremely important initiative for us - improving service quality, optimising costs, gaining speed and increasing dialogue.


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