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The core of your business at your fingertips

Having access to targets and real-time updates on sales results is core for your success. We visualize your data, making your KPIs accessible and tangible. Enable you to stay ahead of competition, and up to speed.


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Sales targets and real-time sales performance has never been more engaging

By collecting and aggregating data from any type of system (CRM, ERP, POS, HR, BI/DWH etc), Goalplan enables you to track KPIs on all levels of your sales- and service organization. Allowing you to track and compare teams, channels and countries. 


Multiple data sources

No more data silos. Goalplan collects data from all your data sources (CRM, ERP, POS, HR, BI/DWH etc). We manage spreadsheets, CSV-files, APIs, or any other format. 


We aggregate the data that is key to your business. Combining data from multiple sources, enable us to create and calculate KPIs that you have not been able to track and compare before. 



We bring all your business data and KPIs together in one place. Visualizing them, using the latest of mobile technologies. No need of spreadsheets,  queries, or waiting for an email to arrive. 

Mirroring your set-up

Your data is structured according to your unique setup regarding organization, hierarchy, and geographical spread. Goalplan can mirror any organizational setup, no matter size or complexity. 

In one application

The information and data you and your organization need is available at all times, on any device. On mobile, tablet and desktop. Enabling your managers to drill down data and compare performance across teams and channels.

Bringing insights to all

With both targets, performed activities and results in the same tool, managers get valuable insights, simpler and faster than they have ever had before. Whilst empowering employees as they have instant access to targets and outcomes.



Setting targets has never been easier

Leave your excel spreadsheets behind. Set and distribute targets using our target tool.

  • Break down team targets based on a percentage of sales
  • Break down personal targets based on working hours
  • Set targets based on the previous year
  • Raise by a number of percentages
  • The receiver of targets commit to them giving you valuable insights

Track performance and target fulfillment

The Goalplan application allows all personnel to track their own performance, making it easy for everyone to understand what they are at compared to targets. As the Goalplan application is available on any device, targets and the real-time updated sales numbers are also accessible at all times, from any location.


Overview of all KPIs and all people's performance from one unified leaderboard

The Goalplan leaderboard, spreadsheet view, enables you to look at all KPIs and all teams/employees in one view. The difference from a spreadsheet is that the data is updated in real-time and accessible where ever you are. Insights that you can act on immediately. 
I can easily see my progress towards my targets and compare my achievement with my colleagues. I love Goalplan


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