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the first of the four ingredients in the RECIPE for sales organizational success

Updated Sales Data In The Palm Of Your Hand

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Move the budgeting process from excel spreadsheets to Goalplan. Distribute the budget with the help of historical sales keys. Goalplan supports the process from setting targets to employees accepting them.

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Personal Scorecards

All employees have a personal login to Goalplan where individual and team targets, and updated results are found. In this way staff can access their individual real time results anywhere at anytime.

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Leaderboards / Challenges

With updated sales data from all employees and teams, Goalplan includes engaging leaderboards. All employees can then motivate and challenge each other on single KPIs and with customizable time frames.

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Multi-source Data

Goalplan is made to collect and handle all types of data from multiple input sources. Include data from POS-systems, visitor trackers, CRM-systems to NPS-scores and manual input. See all your important KPIs in one tool.

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