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Goalplan is a software solution that enables sales organizations to reach their full potential

Goalplan is a software solution that enables sales organizations to reach their full potential

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Goalplan has an ecosystem of tools that enables you to optimize people and performance.


the backbone of sales performance management

Goalplan Core

The foundation of sales organizations, and what makes them thrive is quite simple. Budget or Target + Followup meeting  + Action = a better result. This simple process is what the Goalplan Spine is all about, making it engaging and straightforward to see targets and real-time results.

  • Budget/target process
  • Real-time updated sales figures and KPIs
  • Leaderboards

coaching with proof of success


Coaching is one of the most powerful tools or actions leadership can leverage to make people grow. Growing your sales representatives equals happier customers, lower employee turnover and better sales results. Combing Goalplan Spine with Coaching ads the ability to see the actual effect coaching has on your KPIs.
  • All the organizations' coaching, found in one place
  • "See" data on the success of the coaching.
  • Enables you to coach the coaches.

Create that extra engagement and focus

Competitions & Challenges

Creating challenges in Goalplan adds a fun element of healthy competition between employees or teams that can help spur increases in sales. Gamification is even shown to increase employee engagement and job satisfaction.

  • Leaders can organize challenges for their teams.
  • All employees can challenge each other.
  • Communicate around challenges.

Communication is one of the most important aspects of large organizations

Chat & Broadcast

While goal setting, performance reviews, and coaching are crucial for improving sales, none of it is possible without clear collaboration. That's why all of your activities can be facilitated in Goalplan through a native communication tool.

  • Chat in groups based on your organizational tree.
  • Create new groups and send video and images.
  • Broadcast video information.

Educate your staff


With Goalplans E-learning module, users can create courses and fill them with content such as video, PDF or text, and write quizzes. Then, distribute them to a part or the whole of your organization, and follow-up on how employees take courses. Combined with Goalplan hosting real-time sales results, we can give insights on the outcome from the E-learning.

  • Create courses, upload video, PDFs, and create quizzes.
  • Distribute them down your organization within minutes.
  • See who has or hasn't taken the courses.

Get things done on iOS, Android and Web

Task management

Create and delegate tasks to individuals and teams. Set up recurring tasks or create them "on the go" as you see things that need to be addressed. Overview task productivity throughout your entire organization.

  • Create both recurring tasks and "local" tasks
  • Distribute to the whole organization, parts of it or to individuals
  • Follow-up on task execution

Log all your activities and see them in "map-mode"

Activity Tracker

If your organization is performing activities at many different locations. it can be challenging to overview all activities. Goalplans Activity Tracker will make your life much easier.

  • Click the "log activity" and choose your activity
  • Write a description and upload a photo.
  • View all activities in map-mode with various filters

How does well-being correlate to engagement and performance?

Employee survey

By asking simple questions like  "how do you feel today?" or a question of the day, You can see how all your employees feel at all levels of the organization or gain valuable insights into your employees. If you have your KPIs in Goalplan, you are also able to see the correlation between well-being and results.

  • Ask your employees "question of the day"
  • See where in your organization you need to focus 
  • See the direct correlation between well-being and performance

Algorithm-based sales forecasts

B2B Sales Funnel

With Goalplans sales funnel functionality created for transactional B2B companies, sales organizations can get a clear view of the funnel performance and conversion rates. It also predicts the monthly outcome via an algorithm forecast.

  • Measure the conversion rates that really matter.
  • Drill down your organization's funnel.
  • Goalplan's forecast algorithm will tell you your monthly outcome
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Real-time data is a strong asset

Here are some of the integrations that are fueling Goalplan with data

Unify priorities throughout your sales organization

Equip every member of your team to contribute to success

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Goalplan gathers data from several different sources and presents individual and aggregated results on your pre-defined KPIs. This means no more hours spent crunching numbers, and you can instead spend more time where it actually makes a difference.

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Your company has routines and processes for sales performance management and how to engage your sales staff. With Goalplan, these day-to-day management and staff activities are performed digitally, which allows you to monitor behaviors that you know will lead to better results.

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By involving all employees in the process of budgeting, encouraging them to reflect on their own performance progress, and through applying gamification and simplifying communication and collaboration, Goalplan not only boosts engagement and involvement but also decreases employee turnover.


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