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The direct sales solution

Help your direct selling organization to set targets, plan activities, and follow up on both activity execution and sales.


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Helping direct selling companies digitize their sales force and consultants

Monthly target setting

With Goalplan, it is easy to set and distribute sales targets. After having received the target, the sales rep can state if he/she accepts or rejects the target, giving you valuable feedback.

Activity planning

Activities are a crucial part of reaching your targets. Goalplan's Activity planning function will enable you to easily plan all your monthly activities by week.


Tracking and follow-up

The Activity Tracker tool enables you to track on-the-field activities with geo-location. And field sales can upload images to document their activity. Management can track activities being executed and where they take place.

Offline first

Goalplan is built with an offline-first approach. That means that activities can be tracked and registered, and images uploaded with zero internet connection.

Sales and KPI tracking

Goalplan collects your organizations sales data and is showing both targets and real-time updated KPIs in both web and native apps.

Act proactively

With committed targets, real-time updated KPIs, activity planning and tracking, you are able to see whats happening right now, or not happening and act immediately..

Creating value for direct selling organizations

Set monthly targets and plan activities 

Help your sales force and consultants to set month targets that are attainable yet inspiring. help them plan the activities that in the end, create the results they are mining for. With the monthly planning tool, you are in full control of all plans and can be proactive with your marketing and sales incentives.


Track the weekly on-the-field activities

Once the monthly plan is set, you can follow the activities as they happen in real-time with the activity tracker tool.  Track your sales force activities and your consultants via Goalplan various tracing tools. The activities are geolocated which enable you to follow the activity progress in both list-view and on the map-view.

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One tool for your sales force data and consultant data and activities

By having both your own sales force and consultants in the same tool with KPIs, sales outcomes, and activities, you are now able to get insights in real-time that previously took you hours or days to compile. Spend the extra time on taking action instead.

The roll-out of Goalplan to our frontliners and sales management has been a game-changer for us. We have gained both speed and control that increases our productivity and saves us time. Time that we can spend on performing our sales activities instead.


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