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The franchise educational solution

Collect the data from all your operational tools into one.


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Helping franchise educational companies with

Data collection

Goalplan is experts in collecting data from several different sources. This gives you the ability to have a tool (Goalplan) and see data and KPIs from multiple operational tools across you schools

Visualizing your KPIs

Goalplan enables you to create and show any types of KPIs from all the different systems and tools automatically. Stay up to date and act proactivly.


Index KPIs

Goalplan can easily create unique indexes that are a sum of your KPIs with custom whiting. This will enable you much easier see where you should spend extra time to support

Student happiness

With Goalplans integrations to various chat apps like WhatsApp, Goalplan can with a chat message receive data from students without themselves using Goalplan.

Track re-enrollment

When a student gets added to a new semester, Goalplan can recognize if this is a new student existing in the system and automatically show if this was an enrollment or re-enrollment.

Easy-to-use app

Many operational systems still have an "excel"-look-n-feel with filters, rows, and columns. Goalplan is a modern app with a "consumer" look-n-feel that is super easy to use.

Creating value for franchise educational organizations

A powerful way of visualizing your KPIs

By collecting and integrating data from several different sources, Goalplan creates your standardized KPIs no matter what system or systems the data comes from. We present a new way for you to look at KPIs. No more waiting for quarterly excel reports. The data is displayed in Goalplan as soon as it's available in the different systems. This could be daily. 


Employee survey to pull information from all staff attached to your schools

With Goalplan deployed in all your schools, you can create surveys collecting staff happiness and many other pieces of information. The survey answers can then easily be converted into KPIs for you to track. See when staff happiness tends to drop and take action before it is too late.

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Goalplan data from students via chat apps

Students and parents come and go. We don't want them to download and use "yet another app". Goalplan can therefore send custom chat messages via for example WhatsApp and when the students or parents answer back in the chat, Goalplan updates instantly giving you the data. Imagen having student happiness in real-time across tens of thousands of students.

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"A pain of ours has been all the different operational systsem in our countries. I never imagend haveing one consoled dashboard with our most imortant KPIs updated daily. Thank you Goalplan!"


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