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Telecom solution

Our application brings embedded analytics to teams and individuals. Making it easy to track, manage and enable sales excellence. No matter channel or organizational structure.

Share information, launch campaigns, distribute sales competitions and train your staff using one application. 

Running a telecom operator has never been easier.


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Helping telecom operators achieving sales excellence

Performance tracking

KPIs, targets, data insights and real-time outcomes with leaderboards and detailed views. Drill down Your own organisation, track the performance of regions, teams and individuals.

Channel management

Telesales, inbound retention or customer acquisition in retail. Goalplan tracks all sales efforts, no matter offering, segment or sales channel.



Goalplan enables easy communication with Your entire organisation. Communicate and chat with individuals or teams. Or distribute video messages utilizing the Broadcast-service.

Campaigns & information

The Goalplan app provides all employees access to the latest information on campaigns and offerings.



Engage Your sales force by creating sales competitions. Challenge Your sales managers. Daily, weekly or monthly. Or let the employees or teams challenge each other.

Sales force engagement

Goalplan enables You to easily create and distribute surveys. Fueling Your organisation with feedback and insights.

Creating value for telecom organizations

The same performance platform for all sales channels

The days are over when the different sales channels have their own performance tools. With Goalplan, all channels work in the same performance platform but with their different KPIs, activities, and measurements. At the company level, Goalplan enables you to look at normalized KPIs to be able to measure channels against channels and help to share best practices.


All the company communication you need

Communication is always tricky in large retail organizations with information and communication in too many channels, apps, and tools. In Goalplans retail solution, we have gathered all the communication you will need. Chat is groups or with individuals, share campaign information, company general information, create and distribute surveys and send video broadcasts. 


Engage your staff like never before

How engaging is it to look at sales figures in excel spreadsheets? Are your sales staff the "spreadsheet generation" or the digital natives? The power that comes with a 21-century sales performance app will amize you. Targets, sales outcomes, leaderboards has never been more engageing.

Goalplan saves me valuable time when actively coaching and following-up my team leaders work. It is an effective tool that keeps our sales workforce actively engaged and focused on their individual goals, throughout the entire organization.
Anna Sahlsten, Retail manager, Macforum


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