Coach & Set Routines For Your Employees

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Start a session

Choose a KPI and track progress

Create to-dos

Share routines and collect your notes

Ensure routines are followed, apply coaching where needed

How do you see that your coaching is actually yielding results? Do you really know that the store is opened and closed correctly? Can you ensure that the new campaign material has been hung up correctly? Are you able to see which of your stores are adhering to your routines and which are deviating? With Goalplan's interactive coaching, routines, and lists, you are!

KPI-driven coaching

Choose one or more people to coach. Link KPIs and add notes to your session. See how the average KPI changes. Chat. Follow up. Win together!

To-do lists

Assign tasks to an employee or the whole store. Staff checks them off. See who has followed the directives and ensure the job gets done.


Create tasks that repeat at a certain frequency. Include mandatory photo uploads to show that the routine has been correctly completed. And repeat.

Smart lists

Create customized lists. Why not a report or order form that ties into a scoreboard? Only the imagination of the list sets limits.

How Successful Companies Leverage Goalplan's Tools

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