Run Sales Competitions for Your Teams

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Time-capped competitions

Link to KPIs that update automatically

Add motivational videos, prizes, and more

Follow leaderboards and cheer in the chat

Competitions that boost performance and strengthen teams

You don't have to work in sales to have KPIs worth challenging and celebrating. With Goalplan's competition module, you create competitions linked to goals you determine and input yourself, or to existing KPIs that are automatically updated, in real-time, in your competition. Don't you think Alex in the London store is eager to reclaim first place from Tina in Manchester? Pro tip: We also have partners who can help set up a gift shop and entire concepts so that your team can win prizes, merchandise, trips, and much more directly.

Create competitions

If your KPIs are already synced in Goalplan, simply choose one or more KPIs to compete over. Of course, you can also create your own.

Choose participants

Are you competing between regions, stores, or salespeople? Easily select participants or let employees challenge each other!

Follow the leaderboard

With updates from your chosen KPIs in real-time, the competition will be thrilling!

Competition motivation

Celebrate a colleague's success with a personal video pep talk or collectively in the competition chat.

How Successful Companies Leverage Goalplan's Tools

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